Thursday, June 10, 2010


[insert brilliant onomatopoeia here]

Holy @*%$
I'm looking forward to seeing each and every one of you very very soon.
Thanks for keeping up with me on this journey and sending me love and support. I would never have made it successfully to the end without y'all.
Do forgive my awful spanglish over the course of the next few weeks.
All my love

PS Director's cut coming soon. Stay tuned for more photos to be posted within the week!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Vive y Deja Vivir

I will be travelling back to Houston one week from this Thursday. It´s hard to qualify my emotions being so near the end of my journey. Time passes irreversably regardless of my desires, hesitations, and confusion. That I want nothing more than to be back in my home land sharing with y´all, my friends and family once again, do not doubt. But I´ve grown throughout what seems like an entirely diferent lifetime during my stay in South America. I have people here too that are friends and, essentially, family to me. I will leave them behind like I left my life behind in Texas last October, the only difference being that I knew I had a return date to see you beloveds again in the near future. This is a security I will lack next week as I fly out of Santiago de Chile one last time.

I feel completely certain that my time in Latin America is not over. I have every intention of returning some day hopefully sooner rather than later. Perhaps I´ve already learned what I am capable of learning for this round and it´s merely time for me to go home and practice what they preached to me here: the simbiosis of our growing global society. To be conscious. To not let this newfound awareness of nature, of culture, of humanity stagnate in my uncertainty these next few months.

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.
Victor Hugo, 1852

Thursday, May 20, 2010

La Parcela 13, Fundo Alhue

Dragito, mi amor.

The best grapes in the WORLD.

My favorite turtle, named "Tortu". She´s really into feng-shui. Everyday she cleans her tank and reorganizes her shells and rocks.
Almuerzo Alhué
Ele, my farm-mama and saving grace at the parcela.

Mi corazon, este chileano huevon.

Valparaiso, La Belleza de Chile

(The view from Pablo Neruda´s house. Es trampa que él escribía tan hermoso. Si yo podria vivir en esta casa, escribiría buenisimo tambien!)
La Sebastiana. One of many houses owned by Neruda.

(Please do note the mountain of a street in the background.)
(for Liza because she loves giraffes)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I eat the wrinkly apples because they taste the most delicious.

Almond trees
Took a walk with my friend Ellie around the parcela
Fernando is my best friend here... chileano huevon that he is.

My little shack cottage is peaking out in the bottom left corner there...
Jenny and I made dulce de membrillo... and NEVER AGAIN (in total, a 24 hour project spread out over 3 days).

These are membrillos. They look like fuzzy apples and smell like pears.
The final (delicious!) product.